We love our LYS!

Gimme that, Gimme that L-Y-S!!

After a special night at the Five-Year Ceremony, the delegation had one more item of business before we headed back to the dorms: District Primaries! This is the next step of the political process in electing our LYS officers. First, the delegation broke into their respective political parties. The Whigs of one home group and the Whigs of another home group combined to form districts (six in all) to vote on a representative for each political office. The Tory Party did this as well, so now the Whigs and Tories each have six candidates for each of the positions - President, VP, Secretary/Treasurer and Party Chairman. In a high energy Caucus, these candidates will go head to head!

As we wrap up our morning, we are moving to our next Involvement Session… Let’s take a moment to spotlight the session Dreams to Reality!


Leader: Glynn Gross; Assistants: Winter Grant, Austin Canty Alex Domingue, Addison Birotte

A delegate favorite, LYS’s Dreams to Reality involvement session allows participants to set goals and provides them the tools to verbalize their goals, dreams, and aspirations – past, present, and future. At the end of the session, each delegate writes an “I Will…” card that states what he or she “will” do by a date of their decision.


After the Involvement Sessions delegates were introduced to the Home Group Problem.

The Home Group Problem is another friendly competition here at LYS that unifies Home Groups by asking them to strategically design practical resolutions to a current problem in society. This year the issue that each Home Group must discuss is how to promote healthy lifestyles. Each Home Group must collectively brainstorm and create a realistic program, organization, or policy that can be implemented in their school, home, or community that promotes healthy living. Home Groups have an hour to discuss opinions and solutions as a group and then think through each step of their resolution by providing objectives, tactics, possible barriers, and a timeframe for their program. They will submit their resolution for the Home Group Problem to Head Table who will then choose the resolution that is “THE BEST, BETTER THAN THE REST!”

You’ve heard about the challenges Louisiana faces in keeping its citizens healthy – now it’s time for action. You have the ability to mobilize your friends and peers and help Louisiana get on the right track towards a healthier future, but it starts with a plan!

Speaking of healthy citizens… We’re headed to lunch! Visit us after to see how we honored the state that we love: LOUISIANA!