Louisiana, a dream state

Louisiana, A Dream State…

This week we mentor our delegation to become not only Louisiana’s best, but America’s best. But this afternoon we reflect solely on our great state of Louisiana. “Dream State” is a presentation that truly captures the essence of Louisiana, from its people to its scenery to its truly diverse and unique cultures and traditions! After a slideshow presented by Carley, Bill and Dana, we welcomed our guest speaker, Jay Dardenne.



Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne talked to us about the difference that we, as Louisiana’s next generation, can make.  He spoke about what makes the state of Louisiana the greatest state in the Union. Lt. Governer Dardenne accented many of the travel destinations, and the large impact of tourism on Louisiana's economy.  The delegation all agreed that he did a “SUPER GREAT” job!

We would like to thank Lt. Governer Jay Dardenne not only for taking the time to speak to us today, but also for his other work with LYS and support.

Now it’s off to our fourth involvement session…


Leader: Will Barnett; Assistants: Luke Immel, Langston Booker, Caroline Cryer

FTM is the calmest session of the week.  It serves as a great break for delegates to relax and channel their emotions, while listening to handpicked inspiring songs and expressing themselves through art.

In the middle of the high intensity and energy of the week, it is definitely a great time to step back and reflect on LYS.  The delegates are also encouraged to apply this to their life when they get back home.

Be sure to check back later tonight for Caucus photos and winners of the Banner competition and Group of the Day