Who, What, Why

What is LYS?

Louisiana Youth Seminar is unlike any other. LYS is a unique leadership program that has impacted over 9,000 young leaders over the past 44 years.

That’s why it’s often referred to as “Louisiana’s Best.” But it’s not limited to Louisiana residents. Students come from all across the country and the world to attend this life-changing seminar. 

Upon arriving at Louisiana Youth Seminar, delegates are greeted by energetic LYS staff members leading chants and cheers that echo across campus. Our hardworking, dedicated and enthusiastic staff members are college-aged volunteers who commit at least four years of their lives to running this program.

During the week, students participate in many “hands on” activities that focus on leadership development, such as effective communication skills, team building, problem solving and goal setting. And they hear from local, state and national leaders from all walks of life.

Who is LYS?

Notable LYS alumni include: a former U.S. Senator, a CEO of a major medical university, a senior executive with a Fortune 500 company.

Why LYS?

The LYS motto is, “No Man is an Island.” At LYS, you cannot fail. As a result, delegates challenge themselves to try new things, meet new people and develop new skills. And they grow as an individual and a leader in the process.

There’s something for everyone at LYS. Delegates learn how to write and deliver speeches, run for office and lead parliamentary procedure. They learn how to express their feelings through music and make their dreams a reality. And delegates tap into their creative sides to come up with skits, songs and daily cheers.

LYS is only a weeklong seminar — but the knowledge, skills, experiences and friendships gained at LYS last a lifetime. At LYS, truly “No Man is an Island.”

And we hope to have you join us at Opening Convocation in the LSU Student Union Ballroom on Sunday, July 19, at 2:00 p.m.

Be a part of #SeminarSunday!

Be a part of #SeminarSunday! This year, staff has come up with a way to dedicate Sunday on any social media to show how much everyone loves LYS! We are making it a goal to every delegate, staff member, and even alumni to post a picture or status spreading the word about LYS! It is our hope that this will help our communities become aware and curious about seminar. 

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