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Those who attended LYS demonstrated a new perspective for our entire school to note and to follow...I watched and what these student leaders exhibited in their behavior led the rest of the student body to follow their lead.
— Philip White, former Principal, McDonogh 35


LYS strives to enable any potential leader who will be going into their junior or senior year an opportunity to attend LYS the third week of July each summer. A tuition fee is charged to participants. However, this fee covers only a portion of LYS expenses as the real cost per student exceeds this tuition. This means that we must subsidize through donations. In addition to subsidizing the tuition fee in order to keep the price affordable, LYS also offers scholarships to those who cannot afford the tuition. Thus, we rely on the generosity of sponsors to underwrite the program and to provide scholarships.


LYS is organized, staffed and directed by young professionals and college students who volunteer their time every summer. Each staff member has participated in LYS as a student delegate and therefore understands the inner workings of the program. The staff move up within the program, taking on more responsibilities as they grow personally and professionally. The staff move from active summer program staff to being volunteers and members of the Executive Committee and Board Members of the organization, Louisiana Youth Seminar, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit. Again, all are volunteers, except for the part-time Executive Director who is paid a small stipend.


A significant percentage of the LYS budget is attributable to the cost of food and housing for the participants and staff for the week of LYS, which is held on the campus of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. Other items include materials used at LYS, brochures and mailings for registration of students, and insurance.


LYS has no one donor, but relies on contributions from many sources, including alumni, individuals, corporations, foundations and other non-profit organizations.  Gifts, large and small make a difference in the lives of Louisiana’s youth. To give the gift of leadership click here or if you have questions email