Board and Executive Committee

Louisiana Youth Seminar’s leadership includes a Current Board of Directors, Advisory Board of Directors and an Executive Committee.  This leadership group has combined experience both within the program as staff and delegates and in their respective businesses and communities.


The Board of Directors is established by the by-laws of Louisiana Youth Seminars, Inc.  Under the by-laws, the current Board is composed of between seven and twelve members, some of whom must have served on LYS staff and some of which must be representatives of education, the community at-large and business.  Board members serve a three-year term and can be re-nominated once, after which they must step down for at least one year before they can serve again.  At least one member of the Board must have never served on staff.  Former Board members become Advisory Board members.  For specific qualification requirements, refer to the Louisiana Youth Seminars, Inc. by-laws.

Members of the Board of Directors:

  • Jeanne Harang Boughton, Chair, RE/Max N.O. Properties, New Orleans

  • Jessica Hof Cambre, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, New Orleans

  • Donald Cravins, Jr., Sr. VP for Policy, National Urban League, Washington, DC

  • André DeLaunay, Attorney, Watt Thompson & Heenman LLP, Houston

  • Renee DiGiovanni, Nurse, Ochsner, Metairie

  • Angel Dugas, Owner, Storm-Guard, New Orleans

  • David Hart, Flex It All, Houston

  • Yvette LaCour, Development Director, New Orleans Seminary, New Orleans

  • Amy Allums Lee, Attorney, Johnson, Gray McNamara, Lafayette

  • Renée Reaux, Two in Faith, Lafayette

  • Monica Hof Wallace, Professor, Loyola University College of Law, New Orleans

  • Shanna Warner, Dentist, Baton Rouge


Members of the LYS Advisory Board have served on the Board of Directors in the past and have given to the youth of Louisiana throughout the life of the program:

Members of the Advisory Board:

  • Barbara Jo Pease, founder

  • Valsin Marmillion, founder

  • Karl White, founder

  • Mark Barnes

  • Lisa Zaccaria Barnett

  • Adrian Baudoin

  • Zac Burson

  • Anne Sonnier Calhoun

  • Tom Calvert

  • Donald Cravins

  • Scott Daigre

  • Roland Dartez

  • Jeanne Hebert Fisher

  • Kyle France

  • Stephen Gauthier

  • Andree Gonsoulin

  • Stephanie Sonnier Grand

  • Vickie Guzzino Guarisco

  • Mary Langley Hernandez

  • Pattie Morrison Kitchen

  • Liz Baudoin Landry

  • Jerry Luke LeBlanc

  • Nghana Lewis

  • Amy Young Maniscalco

  • D'Ann Morris

  • Norma Jane Sabiston

  • Melinda Landrieu Seiter

  • Rowland Stalter

  • Wendy Walker Stanford

  • Hasting Stewart

  • Barbara Stott

  • Patti Thomas Harper

  • Brother Henry Werner


BOARD & EC Files (password protected)



  • Ronald Gitz

  • Tammy Little

  • Curtis Thomas

  • Wynn Radford

  • Kal Laviolette


Members of the LYS Executive Committee are responsible for the year-round management and the on-site supervision of LYS.


Members of the Executive Committee:

  • Sonja Pruitt-Lord, Phd, Executive Director

  • Will Syll, Program Director

  • Cassie Alsfeld

  • Mya Baker

  • Elisabeth Brubaker

  • Joslyn Downing

  • Dana Dugas Amy

  • Joe Eldridge

  • Kristin Eldridge

  • Carley Wahlborg Fuller

  • Lauren Johnson

  • Trey LeBlanc

  • Kevin Minor

  • Callie Romero Moczygemba

  • Samantha Pruitt