Caucus starts RIGHT NOW!

We have prepared all week for one of the most exciting and energetic nights at LYS… CAUCUS! Check back for pictures and updates of the festivities!

But before we go, let’s hand out some awards! Here are the winners of the Banner competition:

                         1st Place: Fastballs
                              2nd Place: Pitchers Mound
   3rd Place: Umpires

“We love it, we love it! Hey, hey, we love it!”

And the Group of the Day winners for Wednesday are…

                         3rd Place: Double Plays
                              2nd Place: Catchers Mitts
                         WEDNESDAY GROUP OF THE DAY: Pop Flys


“Tories are trash!  Toss ‘em, toss ‘em!”

Whigs are pigs!  Roast ‘em, roast ‘em!”

Staff is ready….the candidates are ready….the spirit leaders are ready….so let’s get this caucus started! Every year both political parties choose a theme to unite the party and boost up the spirit.  This year’s Tory party theme is…. Finding Tory! And the Whig party theme is…. Hogwarts School of Whigcraft and Whigardry!

We can’t wait to see what each party has in store!

There will be skits, speeches, candy, campaigning, water guns, and, of course, lots of cheering!!  And once all is said and done, the elected Tory party candidates and the Whig party candidates go head-to-head tomorrow in the LYS General Election.

Check back here in a few hours for all the crazy pictures from Caucus to see what really went down!