The results are in....

“This is Whiggy Territory!”  “This is Tory Territory!”

The 2015 LYS Caucus has officially come to a close. After a long, exciting, fun-filled night of campaigning, strategizing and voting, candidates from each party were elected to move onto the General Election. And here they are…

Whig Party

President – Tres Turner

Vice President – Naomi Westbrook

Secretary/Treasurer – Aniko Nowakowski 

Party Chair – David Cressy

Tory Party

President – Rhett Townsend

Vice President – Oliver Sibley 

Secretary/Treasurer – Genna Jordan

Party Chair - Madelyn Schmidt 


“We are proud of you, say we are proud of you!”

Now, since it’s late, we’re only going to meet in our home groups for a little bit and then it’s off for some much needed rest after such a fun-filled night!  So that means we’re signing off for tonight- see you in the morning!