A letter from the Five Years

Delegates, Staff, Dana, Bill, and Carley,

Thank you for making our Five Year Ceremony an unforgettable night of love and support. It was such an honor to receive our blue shirts in front of our fellow Staff, Staff Alumni and our amazing delegation. Each of you has played a part in our LYS journey and we thank you for the laughter, friendships, long nights and energy that defined our five years of LYS.

To our delegates: At the start of seminar Carley challenged each of you to make the most of your LYS experience by embracing the program and its opportunities. You have amazed us by your high-energy, creative costumes and remarkable participation in political parties and involvement sessions. We are so happy each and every one of you have been a part of our five-year. Thank you!

To Staff: The memories we have made and lasting friendships we have formed truly embody our LYS motto, No Man is an Island. We will never forget the long nights, crazy skits and the friendships we have formed. Thank you for making our five-year unbelievable! We love you all!

To Carley, Dana and Bill: You all are doing a phenomenal job as program directors this week! Thank you for your strength and patience as mentors and your unwavering support and encouragement throughout these past five years. We would not be where we are today without each of you.

We had so much fun last night eating some Cajun food and dancing to the tunes of DJ Buffy. But the fun is not over yet! Keep up that energy because we want to hear you loud and proud tonight at CAUCUS! Good luck Whigs and Tories!

Thank you again for everything. We will always these five years close to our hearts.


LYS love and ours,
Gracie, Zach, Will, Caroline, Madeline, Conner, Glynn, Lawrence, Luke, Will