Team colors: Red and BLUE!

“No man is an island, No man stands alone...”

The LYS motto “No Man is an Island” definitely rang true tonight! Listening to the 5 Years tell us about their LYS experience and how much the program means to them was inspiring. LYS is a place where you are always accepted and supported. LYS is an opportunity to learn and grow. The 5 Years encouraged us to make most of the time we have at this special, unique place and then take the program back into our community and schools to share what we learn. If given a chance, LYS can become your family. We are all there for each other because, as the motto says, no man is an island.

We hope you enjoy these pictures and that tonight’s ceremony encouraged you to commit yourself to something in your community or school!

Onto a lighter subject… after celebrating the 5 Years with some dancing we also announced Group of the Day! These outstanding groups were recognized for great roll call cheers, awesome traveling, detailed costumes, and extraordinary spirit. They are…

                         3rd Place: Dugouts 
                  2nd Place:  Outfielders
                             TUESDAY GROUP OF THE DAY: Umpires

Congratulations for hitting a home run!

And as usual, our home groups are in their group rooms creating awesome costumes and catchy roll call cheers.  Then we’ll call it a night! See you bright and early in the morning!