Skit Night!

Since our last update, the delegates were challenged to come up with a creative skit for Skit Night! Each group incorporated their color, mascot, symbol and theme to make up what was one hilarious and fun-filled night! After every skit, staff created a victory tunnel to congratulate the delegates and the room was constantly filled with positive and exciting energy!  Just check out the pictures to see what we mean! Thanks to every group for a magnificent job, not only on your skit, but in supporting all of the other groups as well!  “We are proud of you- say we are proud of you!”

We, Head Table, were the judges (and will be for all competitions this week) and announced first, second, and third place in the Skit Competition….

                     1st Place: Bats

                   2nd Place: Bull Pens

                   3rd Place: Scoreboards

We also announced the winners of the Color, Mascot, Symbol, Theme Presentation…

                     1st Place: Pitchers Mounds

                   2nd Place:  Double Plays

                   3rd Place: Fastballs 

And last but not least, after a crazy day of cheering and traveling, we finally announced Group of the Day!

                     3rd Place: Bats

                   2nd Place: Base Runners

                  MONDAY GROUP OF THE DAY: Press Boxes


Right now the delegates are back in their home group rooms working on their costumes and roll call cheers for tomorrow before they go to bed. We’ll call for curfew soon so they can catch some zzzzz’s to rest up for another super great day tomorrow!!

Catch you in the morning,
Head Table