A note from Assistant Program Director Bill Croughan

Dear 2015 LYS Delegates,

Ahhh, I love July. Mid summer, the sun is shining, birds are singing, and it's almost time for the greatest showdown of the year: LYS Political Parties 2015. If you've attended LYS before, you've probably already chosen a side. In fact the chant "We want [other party] gumbo tonight!" is probably already stuck in your head. You may even remember caucus night: late at night, kept awake through excitement and a healthy serving of pixie sticks, electing your party's leaders to go forth to victory in the general election.

As a delegate, it's hard not to get excited for your party. Amidst epic speeches, frequent calls for Tory and Whiggy gumbo, and a rivalry as old as time itself (45 years, but who's counting?), you find yourself at the start of a whirlwind combination of speech writing, campaigning, cheering, and joining together with your party to ensure victory over the other party. Suddenly you can run for an office, and go boldly to face the other party in general elections.

But the truly incredible experience is so much more than excitement and rivalry. Instead, it happens when you find out you've made it to caucus and beyond, or when you give your first speech in front of a crowd of friends and strangers, or when you can help your friend accomplish these things by being there to support them. At these times, it seems you can give a little bit of yourself up, and gain so much back in return.

Of course, all of these things bring your party one step closer to a total Political Party victory. Just remember that before you leave LYS ("take yo' hat, yo' coat, and leave..."), don't be afraid to go for gold. You never know where you might end up!


No Man is an Island,
Bill Croughan
Assistant Program Director