Let your voice be heard!

We are ready for a SUPER GREAT day! Let's hit it out of the park!

The day started off with a bang! Energetic roll call cheers, awesome costumes and a delicious breakfast. The delegation is now back at the ballroom for our next general session, Speaking Out Workshop (SOW), led by Conner Bueche. SOW is an extremely helpful session that teaches delegates how to write and present their own speeches. Conner explained the five steps of successful speech writing while his assistants Alex Domingue, Lindsey Powell, and Winter Grant gave examples of effective speeches. The workshop also provided the delegation with an outline to get them started on the writing process and some great handouts that include ideas to help them brainstorm.

Also during Speaking Out Workshop, Staff passed around “Intent to Run” forms. Part of our political party process, these forms provided the delegates with an opportunity to sign up to give a speech in front of their political party today. It’s up to each delegate whether or not to actually run for the position, but what a better way to apply our right to free speech by taking the opportunity at LYS to write and deliver a speech in front of your new friends in the delegation!

Once we finish with SOW, we’re heading to our second involvement session of the week, which means we must introduce our….


Leader: Kali Bertucci; Assistants: Matty Bertrand, Kendrick Grant, and Harrison Gitz

Dyadic Encounter emphasizes the importance of building one-on-one relationships. The delegates are given conversation-starting topics to help them learn new things and develop a deeper relationship with their fellow delegates. We hope that our delegates take these skills home and take the time to learn more about their peers. We bet you’ll make a new friend!

We’re all getting pretty excited to hear these amazing speeches after lunch. As always, check back here later for more pictures and news!