Louisiana, a Dream State...

This week we mentor our delegation to become not only Louisiana's future but to lead the future of Louisiana. This evening we reflect solely on our great state of Louisiana. “Dream State” is a presentation that truly captures the essence of Louisiana, from its people to its scenery, to its truly diverse and unique cultures and traditions!

Dream State began with the distinct honor of introducing John Bel Edwards, the 56th Governor of Louisiana. The Governor graduated from Amite High School in 1984 as valedictorian. He is also a 1988 Dean’s List graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. While at West Point, he was chosen by his classmates as the Vice Chairman of the Honor Committee In Charge of Investigations. After eight years of active duty with the US Army as an Airborne Ranger, he went on to graduate from Louisiana State University’s Paul M. Hebert Law Center.

Governor Edwards ran for a seat in the Louisiana House of Representatives, was elected, and became the only freshman lawmaker to chair a committee. He also served as House Minority Leader during his seven-year tenure. On January 11, 2016, he was sworn in as the 56th Governor of Louisiana.

Through a long career as a public servant, a soldier, a father and a community leader Edward’s compassion, good judgment and leadership abilities have afforded him the opportunity to make positive change for the betterment of our state and for our future. 

The delegation all agreed that Governor John Bel Edwards did a “SuperGREAT” job!

We would like to thank him not only for taking the time to speak to us today but also for his work serving the state of Louisiana.


Now it’s off to our fourth involvement session…

Leader: Rachel Hart; Assistants: Harrison Gitz, Aniko Nowakowski, Carlon Johnson

A delegate favorite, LYS’s Dreams to Reality involvement session allows participants to set goals and provides them the tools to verbalize their goals, dreams, and aspirations – past, present, and future. At the end of the session, each delegate writes an “I Will…” card that states what he or she “will” do by a date of their decision.

Be sure to check back later tonight for Caucus photos and winners of the Banner competition and Group of the Day!