Tuesday's Award winners and 5 year night!


*Cue Star Wars theme song* “Duh duh duh, duhhhh, dun dun dun duhhhh dun!”

Yesterday, the home groups competed in a song competition! And the winners are...

First Place: Droids
                   Second Place: Jawas

                   Third Place: Yodas


Tuesday night delegates had a taste of Louisiana at our Cajun Cookout in the Ballroom. Then our annual Five-Year Night ceremony began. Six of our staff members were recognized for their commitment and passion to LYS over the past five years.

Once a former delegate is invited to join LYS staff they are asked to make a five-year commitment to the program, and each year at seminar we honor those staff members who have completed their five-year pledge. At this year’s Five-Year Night Ceremony, LYS honors and congratulates Kali Bertucci, Langston Booker, Kristie Braud, Lindsey Hayob, Jared Hullaby, and Elizabeth Woodard. We are so proud of you!

The entire week you’ve seen Staff in red shirts but tonight, each of the Five-Years receive a special light blue shirt signifying their achievement. They are given a chance to address their friends and families, current and former staff members, and the delegates, and join the rest of the alumni on stage. Pictures from tonight’s ceremony will be in the next post!

Thanks again to these dedicated staff members for everything and CONGRATULATIONS!! HAPPY 5 YEAR!

The LYS motto “No Man is an Island” definitely rang true at five-year night! Listening to the 5 Years tell us about their LYS experience and how much the program means to them was inspiring. LYS is a place where you are always accepted and supported. LYS is an opportunity to learn and grow. The 5 Years encouraged us to make the most of the time we have at this special, unique place and then take the program back into our communities and schools to share what we’ve learned. If given a chance, LYS can become your family. We are all there for each other because, as the motto says, no man is an island.

We hope you enjoyed the five-year ceremony and it encouraged you to commit yourself to something in your community or school!

On to the lighter side of the Force... after celebrating the 5 Years with some dancing, we also announced Group of the Day! These outstanding groups were recognized for great roll call cheers, awesome traveling, detailed costumes, and extraordinary spirit. They are…

                     3rd Place: Ewoks

                         2nd Place: Starfighters

                                          TUESDAY GROUP OF THE DAY: Stromtoopers!

And as usual, at the end of the night, our home groups were in their group rooms creating awesome costumes and catchy roll call cheers.