LYS Adventures

LYS 2015 Delegate Cole Catherine Dunnam shared photos and memories of her week at seminar. As we've stepped away from the incredible bubble that is LYS we are continually reminded it is the 300+ students that make seminar what is is. These students are not only changing their own lives but they are impacting their friendship circles and their greater communities. Below are only some of her words about the program she calls "an indescribable and life changing program."           

Photo From Cole Catherine Dunnam

Photo From Cole Catherine Dunnam

LYS was nothing less than the best week of my life. Of course I expected to love it, but I was afraid it would be too similar to my previous year as a delegate.

Boy was I wrong. Last year my home group at LYS agreed on everything. We had the same ideas and our flow was super smooth. We all easily loved each other and this year I couldn’t imagine how I could love a group anymore.

This year we clicked so quickly right from the beginning. I was honored to be group Chairperson. The difference with this year was we were all so different with such unique ideas. We all had the same goal in mind and brought it hard to finally win THE FLAG...

LYS is such a unique and incredible experience. The reason people can’t explain LYS is because it isn’t the cheering or involvement sessions or political parties or anything like that- it’s the love. LYS is a group of over 300+ high schoolers who enter this program without judgements. We don’t stereotype and we don’t criticize, but we blindly and unconditionally love each other. That’s why LYS is so special, it’s a family. It’s the atmosphere. It’s an indescribable and life changing program that I can never repay for the blessings it’s given me. It’s LYS.
— Cole Catherine Dunnam