Grand Slam Leaders

The results are in! The week of speeches, political parties and elections have finally concluded this year’s LYS officers!

Drum roll please…

Your 2015 officers are:

2015 LYS Secretary/Treasurer: Aniko Nowakowski

2015 LYS Vice President: Oliver Sibley


Your 2015 LYS President:  Rhett Townsend    

“We are proud of you, say we are proud of you!”

SUPER GREAT job to the entire delegation for their enthusiasm and support toward each other throughout the entire political process! After the results were announced, we all headed to our home group rooms to prepare for tonight’s banquet.

Tonight we will close out the week and honor some very special people! We are so grateful to LYS Co-Founder JoJo Pease, the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, and the staff who have all helped to continue this amazing tradition of LYS where no man is an island and all are welcome. Tonight we are joined by some distinguished guests who help to sponsor LYS and make it possible for all to attend.

Staff even decorated the guest tables and stage to go along with our Baseball (Hitting Leadership Out of the Park!) theme for LYS 2015. Visit the blog again later tonight and check out the pictures from this special night!