A time to honor many

During the banquet, we give out awards to honor those that are truly living out the meaning of LYS in their own lives and are making a difference in their community and world around them. Each year we award one of our most prestigious awards to a recipient whom we find is doing just that through the Roddy Richard Award.

Roddy Richard came to LYS from Teurlings Catholic High and joined Staff in 1983. Roddy was an exceptional young man whose life was taken in a tragic accident. To celebrate his life and honor his spirit LYS created the Roddy Richard Lifetime Achievement Award, which recognizes an outstanding individual each year whose character and purpose in life has lessened the burden of others and made this a better place for their fellow man.

In honor of his memory, we select a Louisiana native who shows the same compassion and fervor as Roddy himself.  We are very pleased to announce that this year’s Roddy Richard recipient is Ms. Angela Guillory.

Throughout Ms. Guillory's career, she has served young leaders unswervingly. Her primary role currently is that of Louisiana State University's Associate Dean and Director of Greek Life since March of 2006. Her involvement with Greek communities around the nation started early on and can be best demonstrated through her leadership experience while serving as National President of Sigma Kappa Sorority (as well as National Vice President of Programming immediately prior).

Ms. Guillory spends a great deal of time with collegians, investing in their personal leadership and growth.

Whether it is advising the Greek Leadership Institute organization, Order of Omega and Rho Lambda honor societies, Greek Board of Directors, or the three Greek conferences that call LSU home, Angela's yearning for strength, development, and leadership within our community cannot be questioned. Always striving to encourage leaders from the freshmen level and up, she creates innovative, interactive opportunities for LSU organizations who are attempting to cultivate leaders through the backing of her office.

In addition, Angela Guillory is leader whose name is practically household for the approximate 30 organizations at Louisiana State University (Greek chapters consisting of about 200 or more each). Her work for the community cannot be overstated, but her approachable nature is as equally astonishing. She is an incredibly gifted leader in a very powerful position, but her easy-going attitude and willingness to listen to students is what makes her more than just that leader. She is loved, respected, admired, and necessary for the foundation of the community.

Ms. Guillory has impacted the majority (if not all) of our LYS staff members that have attended Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and many more of the delegates that continually make our program possible.

If you know of someone who deserves the honor of receiving the Roddy Richard award, please email us your nomination at: lys@louisianayouthseminar.org.


We also recognized three individuals who have served LYS for at least 10 years. Blake Fogleman, Trey LeBlanc and Callie Romero will each be inducted into the LYS Hall of Fame at a reception later tonight. Blake, Trey and Callie- thank you for your dedication and service!

After the banquet concludes, it’s time to blow off some steam and put on our dancing shoes. See you on the dance floor!