Home Group Chairpersons

Each home group elects a home group chairperson  who acts as a liaison between the counselors and the delegates.  The chairperson also helps to make sure the group completes all of the tasks at hand. The 2017 home group chairpersons are…

Velociraptors: Samantha Pozzi

Fossils: Avery Landry 

Paleontologists: Anna Grace Schoeffler

Explorers:  Ben Massey  

Carnivores: Paul Cassisa

Footprints: Kayla Martinez

Reptiles: Catherine Richard

Pterodactyls:  Zoe Bertrand

Triceratops: Regan Guillory

Volcanoes: Samantha Fleniken

T-Rexes: Lindsey Lutring

Shovels:  Mallory Panzavecchia

Stegosaurus: Oscar Scruggins

Herbivores: Victoria Bonilla