Never forget all the days that were LYS

LYS 2016: Star Wars: Leadership Awakens! has officially come to a close.

The Union is quiet; the dorms are emptying out and everyone is heading home. But before our last closing circle together, each group sang a farewell song expressing all the SuperGREAT things that they experienced this week.


We also announced the Group of the Week winner!  And those are…

Third Place Group of the Week: Jedi Knights

Second Place Group of the Week: Droids


After one last time singing our theme songs - “Tomorrow Never Comes” by Zac Brown Band  and “No Man is an Island” - and the LYS fight song, everyone shared some bittersweet goodbyes. As LYS 2016 comes to a close and we leave the Union, remember that just because seminar is over does not mean that it’s out of your life! LYS does not end on Friday afternoon; it’s something that stays with you forever. It is in the lessons you learn that you take back to your schools and your communities. It is in the true friendships that you made that will continue for years to come. It is the comfort in knowing that you can be accepted for being yourself as well as so much more!

We encourage you to live everyday as if you were at LYS (well, maybe not the cheering part). We hope that you never forget your experience here and what you learned about yourself and others. Those are the lessons, moments, friendships, and memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

The 2016 Staff would like to thank each and every delegate for making this week such a success! Now, go back to your communities, apply what you learned, make a difference, and never forget ”NO MAN IS AN ISLAND!”

“Never forget all the days that were LYS.”

LYS love and ours,
LYS 2016 Staff
Carley Fuller
Annelise Bertrand
Will Syll
Ian Doran
Morgan Laurent
Caroline Grand
Will Barnett
Zach Barnett
Madeline Bordelon
Conner Bueche
Glynn Gross
Lawrence Williams
Kali Bertucci
Langston Booker
Kristie Braud
Lindsey Hayob
Jared Hullaby
Elizabeth Woodard
Matty Bertrand
Austin Canty
Michael DeJean
Sarah Grand
Kendrick Grant
Winter Grant
Rachel Hart
Josiah Namie
Caroline Cryer
Lindsey Powell
Addison Birotte
Molly Salter
Harrison Gitz
Sam Giberga
Alex Domingue
Grant Henry
Aidan DeLaunay
Aniko Nowakowski
Carlon Johnson
Chris Barnett
Chelsea Romph
Cole Catherine Dunham
Macy Landry
Juliana Lauren