Donate Today to Make a Difference

The theme of LYS is “No Man is an Island” — and LYS exists because of the generous support of friends and alumni of LYS. Can we count on you to keep it going by contributing today to LYS 2016?

For the past few years, there has been a great demand from students across Louisiana to attend LYS. So we’ve expanded our program to allow more students to attend this life-changing leadership seminar, and we’ve still had a wait list year after year!

LYS staffer embraces a delegate at LYS 2015

LYS staffer embraces a delegate at LYS 2015

LYS is able to grow and accept more students into the program each year because of the generous support of our friends and alumni. But LYS depends on generous contributions from friends and alumni to sustain our program year after year — and to keep tuition affordable for all. Although the real cost per student exceeds $550, with subsidies provided by LYS, students only pay $475 tuition.

We are forever grateful for the generous contributions of our donors and sponsors that make LYS possible year after year. This year's seminar is the 46th one we've put on! And we’re about to embark on another record year of LYS delegates -- but we are counting on your contribution to support LYS #46.

You can make a direct impact on a young leader’s life today by investing in their leadership training at LYS. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

Make a difference in a young leader's life by donating to LYS today.

Are you interested in sponsoring a student? There are many benefits for our sponsors, including: recognition from LYS, recognition in the community, a tax benefit and knowing that you’re changing someone’s life. If you are interested in sponsoring a student, please email us at