Dr. Beverly Brooks Thompson Welcomes the Delegation

Meet Dr. Beverly Brooks Thompson 


Beverly Brooks Thompson, President and Executive Counsel, Brooks Thompson Consulting        

Beverly Brooks Thompson is a published academic and practitioner in the field of philanthropic leadership.  She holds a Doctorate in Human Resource Development specializing in Organizational Leadership with more than 20 years of fundraising campaign experience.  Beverly is the founder of Brooks Thompson Consulting, an international fundraising advising and philanthropic management consulting firm.

She was recognized by the Baton Rouge Business Report in the 2008 class of Top Forty under 40 and 2018 class of Most Influential Women in Business, has been recognized as the Marketer of the Year by Sales and Marketing Association, and was named the 2017 Alumna of the Yearby Louisiana State University College of Human Science and Education.


Onward you go....

After one last time singing our theme songs - “Brother” by Need to Breathe and “No Man is an Island”  (and the LYS fight song), everyone shared some bittersweet goodbyes. As LYS 2017 comes to a close and we leave the Union, remember that just because seminar is over does not mean that it’s out of your life! LYS does not end on Friday afternoon; it’s something that stays with you forever. It is in the lessons you learn that you take back to your schools and your communities. It is in the true friendships that you made that will continue for years to come. It is the comfort in knowing that you can be accepted for being yourself and so much more!

We encourage you to live everyday as if you were at LYS (well, maybe not the cheering part). We hope that you never forget your experience here and what you learned about yourself and others. Those are the lessons, moments, friendships, and memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

The 2017 Staff would like to thank each and every delegate for making this week such a success! Now, go back to your communities, apply what you learned, make a difference, and never forget ”NO MAN IS AN ISLAND!”