Not only have I learned how to communicate, organize and work under pressure, but how to love and accept people in a way I have never experienced before...
— LYS Student Delegate

•  Each year 300 high school students entering their junior or senior years attend the Louisiana Youth Seminar.  Established in 1971, LYS has impacted over 10,000 students. 

•  Students come to LYS in a variety of ways:  selected by their schools or community or corporate leaders, sent by their parents, recruited by past LYS participants and by LYS friends and family.

•  The goal of LYS is to attract student leaders of all talents, interests and backgrounds.

•  At LYS, students are referred to as "delegates," as they represent their school and their community at the LYS experience.  At LYS, participants are assigned to one of 14 "home groups," with other delegates from throughout the state.  Delegates live in LSU dorms for the week of LYS.

•  Each year, delegates represent between 65-80 high schools from throughout the state.  Click here for a partial listing of schools represented at LYS over the past several years

•  You can also see the LYS delegate daily schedule here.

•  LYS 2017 Delegates access your directory and files here.