Typical LYS Day 

LYS is a 5 day, fun-filled experience for our students.  This high-energy schedule is led by experienced counselors and junior counselors who will work one-on-one with 20-25 students in a “home group.”  Days start early and go into the evenings, so this fun-filled packed schedule is full of events and action. You will meet many new friends and stay in an LSU dormitory with students from all over the state. Visit our Blog for more information on a day during the seminar.

Group Roll Call


Full Delegation Session, such as:

Communication Connection

Speaking Out Workshop

Louisiana – a Dream State

Small Group Involvement Sessions, which involve 30-40 students and focus on:

Goal Setting

Parliamentary Procedure

Expressing your feelings through music

Teambuilding through physical challenge

A one-on-one communication


Guest Speaker, including:

State or Federal leaders

Civic leaders

Corporate leaders

Home Group Time, focused on specific competitions among home groups

Group Competitions

Political Party Meetings

Whigs versus Tories

Students run for LYS offices via a primary, caucus and general election.


Evening Events, which include fun times such as

Cajun Cookout, with music by our favorite DJ

Final night banquet and dance

Home group time, with focus on preparing for the next day’s competitions.