Who is eligible to attend?

All rising high school juniors and seniors, and sophomores feeling up to the challenge, are encouraged to attend.

When does my student need to register?

We accept registrations until we are full (a total of 300 students), but we have begun filling earlier each year, so we encourage you to get your registration forms in as soon as possible.

I am having trouble completing registration.  What do I do now? I did not get a confirmation of my registration?  

We recommend you use Google Chrome or another updated browser to register.   When you complete registration there should be a message on your screen.  Within the next ten or so minutes you will get a confirmation email.  A second email will be sent when our volunteer team manually processes your registration in our system as well.  

If I am not from Louisiana, can I attend?

Yes, we have students attend from across the US and even other countries! Hope you’re prepared to see why Louisianans are proud of their Dream State!

If I paid my deposit, how do I pay the balance due?

We will send you email requests with balance due amounts and a way to pay the balance online before your student attends prior to the start of the seminar.  We ask that parents pay the balance before the seminar to expedite registration.    (Typically the balance owed is $400 = $550-$150 deposit).

What are my payment options?

You can pay the full amount when you register or pay the $150 deposit online or via mail.  You must register with your student information online first.  Regardless of original payment method, we will email and send a letter with directions on how to pay your balance beginning in May to facilitate a smooth check-in process.  (You can expect a dorm location and "what to pack" list a few weeks before the seminar via email and in the mail.)