Life Achievement Award

Award recipients


  • 1988 Verna Landrieu, community activist, New Orleans

  • 1989 Dale Brown, former Coach, LSU Basketball

  • 1990 Mary Ellen Armitage (d), former Mayor, Folsom

  • 1991 Virginia Budd, former President, La Association of Teachers

  • 1992 Pat Taylor (d), President, Taylor Oil

  • 1993 Rev. Thomas E. Chambers, President, Holy Cross College

  • 1994 Corre Stegall, former President, National Kappa Delta Sorority

  • 1995 James Moffet, CEO, Freeport-McMoran, Inc

  • 1996 Frank A. France, Founder, Kehoe-France School – Camp

  • 1997 Mari Ann Callais, Educator, Jefferson

  • 1998 Fr. Gary Schexnayder, former Pastor, St. Edmund’s Church

  • 1999 Barbara Stott, Teacher, Riverdale High School

  • 2000 Dan Jurek, Vice Principal, St. Thomas Moore High School

  • 2001 Adren Wilson, Children’s Defense Fund

  • 2002 D’Ann Morris, Office of the Chancellor, Louisiana State University

  • 2003 Randy Gurie, Assoc. Dean of Students, Louisiana State University

  • 2004 Charles Jumonville, Diocese of Baton Rouge

  • 2005 Patricia Neal, Educational Coordinator, La Dept of Education

  • 2006 Drew Lehmann, Executive Director, Prevention with PRIDE

  • 2007 Collis Temple, Founder, BREC Sports Academy

  • 2008 Dr. Nghana Lewis, Professor, Tulane University, New Orleans **

  • 2009 Zac Burson, Mentoring Coordinator, Bossier Parish Schools

  • 2010 Barbara Jo Pease, Co-Founder, Louisiana Youth Seminar

  • 2011 Sen. Mike Michot, Louisiana State Senator, District 23

  • 2012 Richard Zuschlag, CEO Acadian Ambulance

  • 2013 Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne

  • 2014 Jerry Reaux

  • 2015 Angela Guillory, Greek Life, Louisiana State University

  • 2016 Anne Hindrichs, McMain's Children's Development Center

  • 2017 Patrick Dobard, CEO New Schools for New Orleans

  • 2018 Dean Madeleine Landrieu, Loyola University of New Orleans College of Law

  • 2019 Loren Carriere, Executive Director, Hope for Opelousas

  • (Titles are at time of Award)

About Roddy Richard

Life Achievement Award

• In 1987, the Louisiana Youth Seminar Board of Directors established the Roddy Richard Life Achievement Award in honor of one of our own LYS staffers – Roddy Richard.  Roddy came to LYS from Teurlings Catholic High and joined the staff in 1983 as a junior counselor, moving to counselor in 1985. 

•  Roddy was an exceptional young person, whose life was taken in a tragic accident.  To celebrate the life of Roddy and to memoralize his spirit, LYS created this Life Achievement Award.  This award recognizes outstanding individuals whose character and purpose in life have lessened the burden of others and made this a better place for their fellow man.

•  Senator Robert Kennedy said, shortly before he died, “Each time a man stands up for an ideal or sets to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustices, he sends forth a ripple of hope.”  Those ripples of hope which began during Roddy’s life will now ripple for future generations, for as we know, the deeds of just and good men never die. 

•  The real tragedy in life is what dies inside a man while he lives.  It is not when we die that is important for we surely all will die.  It is what we do while alive here on earth that gives meaning to our very existence. 

•  The young Roddy Richard lives on in the minds and hearts of LYS and through the recipients of the Roddy Richard Life Achievement Award.

•  So, as we celebrate the life of one of our own, I ask you to examine your own life and remember what was said at the death of Robert Kennedy by his brother about the great deeds of young men, a quote we’ve often used at LYS:

LYS has had a legacy of leadership on the LSU campus in July. As a member of the LSU staff, I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to participate in the
program in 2015. What I learned is that not only is LYS about leadership, LYS is about love, lesson and legacy. Students are immersed in a 5-day life
changing curriculum that teaches, empowers and calls them to action as young leaders. As the 2015 Life Achievement Award recipient, I found myself
humbled by the years of dedication that hundreds of volunteers have put into the legacy of LYS, building today’s youth for tomorrow’s world. LYS is
changing the world one student at a time and is what our state should be providing for our youth every day in every school. Thank you LYS for
sharing it all with me.

Angela Guillory
Greek Life
Louisiana State University
— Angela Guillory, Greek Life, LSU