Former Delegates

I was inspired by the examples set at LYS to believe in the possibilities that extend from a group of complete strangers coming together and getting to know one another and working to fulfill a common goal. That’s the power of learning. That’s the power of leadership. That’s LYS.
— Nghana Lewis, PhD, Tulane University, LYS Delegate 1989

Since 1971, LYS has impacted the lives of almost 10,000 students.   Whether you attended seminar as a delegate in 1971, 1981, 1991, 2001 or any year in between please reflect on your memories, reconnect and share your LYS story.  Or relive your week by seeing the lyrics to the LYS Theme Song and LYS Fight Song


1.  Please send us your updated contact information, so we can add you to our new LYS contact information. Most of our communications are electronic, so we must have your email in order to reconnect. 

2.  But, remember... you can reconnect with us in person by joining us at the Opening Convocation on opening day of LYS at 2:00pm in the LSU Union Ballroom.

3.  Do you remember which home group you were in? Want to bring back memories? Please click this link below that shares a detailed history of LYS and the home groups, songs, and themes through the 40-plus year history. View the LYS Memory Book



1.  Commit to recruiting AND registering students. You can register students online.

2.  Give money…..whatever amount you can give. You can make a donation online or by mail

3.  Give of your talents or make donations in kind…. For example: Make presentations about LYS in your community or to groups who work with students; contribute to printing of publications or materials used at LYS.

4.     The list is endless. We know you have many talents and can help us spread the word about LYS.